The Band

One of the key ingredients for any party, wedding reception or other function is live music. Live music provides a visual spectacle: a focal point that takes your party to a new level.

Café Racers fulfils all the requirements of a great functions band. Brilliant musicians playing a wide repertoire of popular songs (see our Functions Repertoire, below) in our own inimitable style.

** Guaranteed excitement **
** Guaranteed satisfaction **
** And music guaranteed to make you dance, if that’s your thing, or listen to and watch, if not **

Café Racers plays great songs from the 60’s and 70’s….from Elvis, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Spencer Davis, the Small Faces, Creedence Clearwater Revival…… and many, many more (see our Functions Repertoire for more details). And if there’s a song you particularly want that’s not in our current repertoire, just let us know.

How about this for a recommendation?

On the basis of great positive feedback from their clients, Turks Launches on the Thames at Kingston has retained Café Racers for a third year as one of the few recommended bands for their Thames-cruise parties. And every one has been a great success! Clients and their guests like our repertoire, our flexibility, our delivery and our musicianship. Turks likes our professionalism and reliability, and the fact that clients and their guests are delighted to have booked us.

So, for brilliant entertainment value and the key to making your event or function really come alive, contact Dominic:

    By email: dominic@café
    By phone: 07970 478 044

to discuss your requirements and check availability.